The seaport of Amderma is located on the shore of the Kara Sea, to the east of the Yugorskiy Strait on the Yugorskiy peninsular. The port operates only during the summer navigation period (from the beginning of June until the beginning of November). Considering that the port can admit vessels with draught of at least 2m, loading and unloading of transport vessels is carried out at the roads using vessels’ unloading equipment. Cargoes are further delivered by means of barges and pontoons to the mooring berths of the port equipped in the mouth of the Amderminka River. The port owns 6 mooring berths with total length of 500m. One of the births is auxiliary and is used for bunkering of the local fleet vessels. Other berths are operated by OAO Amderma Commercial Port that renders services on handling of local general and bulk cargoes which are predominantly coal, mineral and construction freights, and refrigerated cargoes as well as fuel and lubricants in drums.

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