The seaport of Khatanga is located on the right shore of the Khatanga River flowing into Khatanga Bay in the Laptev Sea, 115 miles from the mouth. The port functions only during the summer navigation (from the middle of June until the end of September). The port can admit vessels with the draught of up to 4.6m. Loading from sea to river vessels is carried out at the Cape of Kosistiy. There are 5 mooring berths at the port of Khatanga which are flooded ships, barges, and pontoons. The total length of the mooring wall is approximately 350 metres. Commodities and refrigerated cargoes, various general cargoes for the Arctic urban areas, timber and bulk freights (coal, sand and gravel mixtures), and bulk oil cargoes are handled at the port. The services to handle cargoes are provided by ZAO Sea Commercial Port of Khatanga.

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