Port Murmansk

The seaport of Murmansk is one of the largest ice-free ports in Russia. It is located on the coast of Kola Bay in the Barents Sea. The port is navigated all year round. The dimensions of vessels calling at the port of Murmansk are not limited. The main port capabilities are located on the western coast of Kola Bay, among them the mooring berths of the commercial port (including passenger area), fishing port, ship-repair yard, shipyard, oil terminal, and FSUE Atomflot premises. On the eastern coast of Kola Bay there is a number of small fish and fleet maintenance terminals. Moreover, 3 road handling terminals (Lavna, Belokamenka, Mokhnatkin) are a part of the Murmansk port as well as an open road near Kolguev Island (the eastern part of the Barents Sea). Beyond Kola Bay the port owns several terminals designated for anchorage and repair of vessels: settlements of Teriberka, Ura-Guba and Liinakhamari.

The port of Murmansk owns approximately 100 mooring berths with total length of more than 10km. Approximately 200 stevedoring companies that render services on handling of a wide range of cargoes: coal, non-ferrous and ferrous metals, nis matte, Arctic destination containers, apatite concentrate, mineral fertilizers, oil products, crude oil, refrigerated cargoes, operate at the mooring berths. Regular local passenger transportations are carried out at the port of Murmansk.

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