"Atomflot" will miss in 2013 about 400 million rubles due to a changes in the schema of gatheringthe icebreaking fee – the Director General

FSUE "Atomflot" / the part of the state corporation "Rosatom" / will miss in 2013 about 400 million rubles by modifying the schema of gathering the icebreaking fee. That was reported to ITAR-TASS by the Director General of the Enterprise Vyacheslav Ruksha.

"It's lost income due to the transition from the compulsory payment that was based on the system of fees depending on the amount of tons, to the payment for services actually provided," - he said.

Ice procuring on the Northern Sea Route this year for the first time is carried out without the mandatory fee collection as a part of the approved in 2012 law on the regulation of merchant shipping on the water area of the Northern Sea Route.

Earlier the ice fee was mandatory year-round payment for shippers carrying goods on the Northern Sea Route, regardless of the season. The certain part of that money was directed to the preparation of icebreakers for winter navigation, explained Ruksha. In a number of port waters ofsome freezing seas of Russia established the scheme of compulsory year-round paymentnot from the cargo owners, but from the ship owners, that is applied in the public ports with high turnover.

"At the same time this year for the first time in accordance with the new Rules of navigation on the Northern Sea Route, fee for icebreaking pilotage in the Arctic is charged only in case of the direct services provided by anicebreaker" - he added, ITAR-TASS reported.

"By today has been received about 400 applications for navigation on the Northern Sea Route, we are working with approximately 40 applications - said Ruksha. - They are certainly all large vessels, whose owners understand the risks of shipping in the Arctic without ice procuring. But most, especially those who go to the Kara Sea, where in the summer-autumn season ice is minimal, uses the right of passage without the icebreaking support. "

To the Head’s of the "Atomflot" opinion, the consequences of such a decision mayoccur as early as this fall. "I'm afraid, that a lot of collisions will happen in the Kara Sea and in other seas of the Northern Sea Route - explained Ruksha. - I have no doubt that many ships will require icebreaker support. And we already now warn our future partners that we will notsigncontracts for icebreaking pilotage with anyonein October and November. This will already be the rescue operations ".

According to Ruksha, the transition to a new model of payment for the service of actually provided icebreaker support does not allow at the moment "Atomflot" to build a long-term economics of the company. "For our enterprise the loss of 400 million rubles of income - a serious story - he said. - If we had that money, we would have already engaged in commissioning the icebreaker "Soviet Union".  "So far we have four icebreakers, and maybe in 2014 in general, will have to cut costs and shift on the operation of only three icebreakers.
The Head of the "Atomflot" believes that in the Rules of navigation on the Northern Sea Route water area the  "actually provided service"  is to be registered as navigation availability, preparedness of icebreakers. "Rules should definitely be reconsidered at the end of the season," – pointed out Ruksha.

According to the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Viktor Olersky, the law defines the procedure of charging for icebreaker support on the Northern Sea Route. "This order may be treated in different ways - the official said - but it has already settled by the law." Currently, the problem is that tariffs are not specified. Olersky stressed that for the preparation of the new tariffs on should understand that the logistics of the icebreaker fleet should be deficit-free.

"Seems, that a fair approach is when the total amount of icebreaking pilotage fee consists of a fixed component and a variable component depending on the extent of escorting a vessel" he stated to ITAR-TASS.


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