Why Greenpeace vessel was not allowed to sail within NSR water area?

Built in 1975 registered as motor yacht Arctic Sunrise of the international environmental organization Greenpeace was not allowed to enter the Northern Sea Route due to void classification certificate and improperly executed documents.

According to the state policy department of RF Transport Ministry, the first denialwas caused by the Classification Certificate the validity of which had expired as early as on December 22, 2011. As previously reported by NSR Information Office the validity of a Classification Certificate is one of the most frequent reasons for rejections.

The second denial was reasoned by the lack of information about the vessel’s ice category. Besides, the power of the yacht (1,619 kWt) does not correspond to the power of arctic icebreakers which should not be below 11,000 kWt according to the rules of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

For the third time, the yacht failed to obtain a permit because the application submitted to the NSR Administration did not contain the necessary information according point 24 of Annex № 1 to the Rules of navigation in the water area of the Northern Sea Route.

The Ministry of Transport says the information about the yacht’s attempts to illegally enter the Northern Sea Route water area was forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. It is supposed to be later provided to the authorities of the Netherlands (flag state of Arctic Sunrise). 

Source: portnews.ru

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