Ministry of Industry and Trade announces tender to project of the world’s biggest icebreaker

Technical project of icebreaker “Leader” (class LK-110Ya), that will provide year round icebreaking support for vessels on the NSR, should be developed expeditiously. Potential developer has a little over a year for the work. Total cost of the icebreaker building in Krylov State Research Centre is estimated at 75-80 bln RUR. 

It is considered in shipbuilding sector that the main candidate for the contract is “Iceberg” Central Design Bureau in Saint Petersburg, it has already developed preliminary design of the icebreaker. As it is stated in the tender documents, the Ministry devoted not all the funds necessary for documentation developing. The total cost of technical project is 850 mln rubles. However, the Ministry has budget funding limits that is why the starting price for the tender was cut by 100 mln rubles. It is stated in the contract that the outstanding funds should be raised by the contractor. Usually this gap is filled by government entities that are interested in the project, in the case with Leader it can be Rosatom. It also can be Gazprom or Rosneft, they are interested in offshore field development. 

Besides the technical project, working project will be necessary as well. The price of working project can achieve 10 bln rubles. In this regard the plant and project developer will look for a compromise. Usually, the plant insists that the price of working project should not exceed 10% of the total construction. Project developer insists to make price close to 15%.

Previously, executive director of Krylov State Research Centre, occupied with basic research in shipbuilding, Mikhail Zagorodnikov, estimated the building of Leader at 75-80 bln rubles. Shipbuilders say that in the building process the cost may reach 100 bln rubles. For comparison, icebreakers with capacity of 60 MW project 22220 that are under construction now on Baltic shipyard, estimated at 43 bln rubles.

The key characteristic of LK-110Ya project will be no limited icebreaking capability. Icebreakers of LK-60Ya project will be able break the ice of 2.6-2.9 m height. Leader will break the ice of 4.3 m.

Source: http://www.kommersant.ru/

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