Ice forecast for August

At the time of drawing up to the forecast in the areas of the Arctic seas it is observed the following types of ice conditions:

- heavy type - in the east part of the Laptev Sea,

- medium type - in the northern part of Kara Sea, the western part of Laptev Sea, the western part East Siberian Sea,

- easy type - in a southwest part of Kara Sea, east part East Siberian Sea and southwest part Chukchi Sea.

The expected development of types of ice conditions in August, 2017 is given in the table and in figures 1 and 2. The main features of development of ice conditions in August are:

- improvement of ice conditions, in the central seas of the NSR - Laptev and East Siberian Seas

- establishment of easy type of ice conditions in all seas of the NSR since the second decade of August.

Sea Areas of the seas Area of ice massif in the end of July, % Type of ice conditions in the end of July Type of ice conditions in the August (forecast)
10-days period
10-days period
10-days period
Kara South-west 22 Easy Easy Easy Easy
Nord-east 25 Medium Easy Easy Easy
Laptev West 49 Medium Medium Easy Easy
East 63 Heavy Medium Easy Easy
East-Siberian West 48 Medium Medium Easy Easy
East 49 Easy Easy Easy Easy
Chukchi South-west 9 Easy Easy Easy Easy

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