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FSUE Atomflot provides ice pilotage and emergency and rescue operations of vessels on the Northern Sea Route. The acting fleet includes four atomic icebreakers with two nuclear reactors 75 thousand horse power strong – i/b “Rossiya”, i/b “Sovetsky Soyuz”, i/b “Yamal”, i/b “50 Let Pobedy”, two atomic icebreakers with a single reactor power plant 40 thousand horse power strong – i/b “Taymir” and i/b “Vaygach” and atomic lighter “Sevmorput”.




Tschudi Shipping Company AS

Tschudi Shipping Company AS is the privately owned Norwegian holding company for the Tschudi Group with its roots back to 1883. Traditionally a ship-owner Tschudi Shipping Company has operated conventional and non-conventional shipping worldwide.
Over the past 10 years, the Group has developed further into a Shipping, Offshore and Logistics Group with particular focus on the East-West flow of cargoes and projects involving the Baltic, Russia, CIS countries and the Northern Regions of Norway and Russia.
The Group owns a fleet of offshore vessels, is active in the multipurpose container segment and operates two container lines between Northern Europe, Norway and the Baltic Sea. The Tschudi Group combines the different transportation services and modes available within the Group or from associates and partners  or from the market to provide full logistical solutions , matching  geographical destinations and cargo composition requirements.




The Norwegian Barents Secretariat

The Norwegian Barents Secretariat aims at developing the Norwegian-Russian relations in the north by promoting and funding Norwegian-Russian cooperation projects. The Secretariat is also a center of competence on Norwegian-Russian relations.





Arctic Bulk will take you through the Northern Sea Route

Arctic Bulk, in close cooperation with Atomflot and the Northern Sea Route (NSR) authorities, organizes and facilitates NSR passages. With their knowledge and experience Arctic Bulk will also generate cargoes and identify vessels for the NSR.
The Arctic Bulk team was among the pioneers for initiating the first non-Russian commercial shipment through the NSR when “MV Nordic Barents”, an ice-class 1A ship, successfully transported an iron ore cargo from Sydvaranger Gruve, Kirkenes to China in 2010.




Weathernews Inc.

Weathernews Inc. is the world's largest private weather service company headquartered in Japan with offices across the world. 

As part of its global shipping business Weathernews has been analysing the extent of 'ice concentration' along the Northern Sea Route for many years.  Because of the increasing Arctic ice melt Weathernews has understood that in the future the Northern Sea Route will become a genuine alternative to longer and more costly routes such as the Suez Canal and the Cape of Good Hope. 

With this in mind Weathernews provides both observed and forecasted information concerning ice concentration along the Northern Sea Route www.arctic-lio.com/nsr_ice




Murmansk Interregional public organization "Association of Sea Captains"

Murmansk Interregional public organization "Association of Sea Captains" incorporates "the Department Ice Pilots". We provide services for Russian and foreign ships operating in Arctic Ocean (on the Northern Sea Route) and the adjacent seas. Our ice pilots have extensive experience working in Arctic conditions as captains of diesel and nuclear-powered icebreakers and ice-class cargo ships.




Nord University

Nord University has a focus on developing regional networks with communities, business and industry, which is strengthened by a decentralised model. Cooperation between the university and community and working life stimulates development, through the education of professionals and leaders and through research that contributes to economic growth. Nord University has established collaborations with international partners in the High North and around the globe. Established joint degree programmes and research projects with, among others, Russia, the Ukraine and Slovakia, build on strong educational networks. Nord University admits exchange students from partner institutions from around the world and supports a lively and diverse student community.



UiT The Arctic University of Norway

The University of Tromsø merged 1st August 2013 with the University College of Finnmark and became UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

UIT The Arctic University of Norway is the northernmost university of the world. Its location on the edge of the Arctic implies a mission. The Arctic is of increasing global importance. Climate change, the exploitation of Arctic resources and environmental threats are topics of great public concern, and which the University of Tromsø takes special interest in. At UiT The Arctic University of Norway you can explore global issues from a close-up perspective.


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