The seaport of Varandey is located on the shore of the Barents Sea near Varandey Bay. The port is intended for sea export of oil produced in the north of the Nenets Autonomous region. All year round the port of Varandey admits ice-class vessels with length of up to 258m, width of up to 34m and draught of up to 14m. OAO Varandey Terminal is the only stevedoring company that works at the port and operates two terminals. To the east of Varandey Bay over the distance of 22.5km from the shore a permanent ice-resistant sea off-loading terminal is equipped. Two branches of the subsea pipeline to transfer oil from the onshore tanks are connected to the terminal. On the western coast of the Varandey Strait there is a cargo terminal with a 200-metre mooring wall. The terminal is used to transfer general cargoes in summer and is able to admit vessels with draught of up to 3.5m, length of up to 120m and width of up to 15m.

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