First cargo for Vostok Oil project on the Northern Sea Route

First vessels with cargo for Vostok Oil project have been unloaded in the port of Dudinka. Several hundred thousand tons of materials, special machinery and tubular goods for construction of the new pipeline Suzun-Payakha are to be delivered to industrial bases Tochino, Karaul and Tanalau during the winter navigation period.

It is planned to increase the volume of cargo delivered by the Northern Sea Route multi-fold – up to three million tons – this year.

The Vostok Oil project facilities have got first winter roads. 1500 kilometers of winter roads and ice bridges have been built this year for implementation of the project in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Krai. 300 special machines and 1000 people have been involved in the construction.

The longest road section 641 km long goes through the fields of the Payakha cluster. The new transport infrastructure has been built from the Suzunskoe field to the Tanalau pier, located 10 km away from the Payakha – Sever Bay oil pipeline under construction. Over 300 000 tons of cargo are to be transported by the winter roads this year.

Rosneft’s megaproject Vostok Oil has been listed as one of the ten key events in the Arctic in 2021.

Photo: Evgeny Varakin, Denis Kozhevnikov

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