News review of the events on the NSR
#2 June 2019

1. Drilling of wells of Payakhskoe field began in Taimyr

40 kilometers north of Dudinka, “Neftegazholding” Company began drilling the first well pad of the unique Payakhskoe field. Its recoverable oil reserves are more than 1 billion tons. Neftegazholding Company, the largest participant of the project “Yenisey Siberia”, plans to produce 26 million tons of oil per year here.

Much attention will be paid to the environmental safety of Taimyr Peninsula. The unique drilling rig, designed to work in severe arctic conditions, is equipped with filters for cleaning the air from oil vapors, there is also a system for collecting drilling mud leaks. “This allows minimizing pollution and the impact on fragile nature of tundra,” said Danil Abdulkhakov, general designer of the contracting organization.

To continue the life and development pf the project, great infrastructure will be built: 400 kilometers of a pipeline, a thousand kilometers of roads, and the same number of power lines. There will be the port oil terminal closer to Dikson village. So, “black gold” from Dikson oil terminal will go along the Northern Sea Route to Europe and Asia.

2. Rosmorport builds 9 diesel icebreakers

As part of Comprehensive Plan for modernization and expansion of trunk infrastructure of Russia until 2024, Rosmorport plans to build 9 icebreakers. This is done to update the diesel-electric icebreaking fleet of Russia.

“In 2018, a contract was entered for the construction of a shallow-draft icebreaker of the project 22740M. In total, 4 such icebreakers are planned to be built until 2024, and now the design documentation for the lead ship is being developed and approved by the supervisory authorities,” said Vasiliy Strugov, deputy general director for the Rosmorport fleet.

In 2019, it is planned to sign a contract for the construction of a linear icebreaker of iceclass Icebreaker 7 based on the project 21900M with an increased power on screws up to 18 MW.

Today, Rosmorport operates more than 270 vessels: icebreakers, tugs, pilots, dredging and other specialized vessels, ensuring the non-stop operation of port services.

3. Russian state examination approved construction of Utrenniy terminal in Yamal

The main state examination of the Russian Federation reviewed and approved the design and estimate documentation for the construction of LNG and stable gas condensate terminal in the Ob Bay of the Kara Sea.

Construction will take place in seven stages. The first three are devoted to the creation of infrastructure facilities of federal property, including the construction and reconstruction of deep-water approach channels and navigation equipment for servicing icebreaker fleet and cargo ships.

At the other stages, the work for construction and reconstruction of port facilities of Arctic LNG-2 project will be carried out. Three sections of the new quay with an artificial plot of land will be built, the existing pier will be reconstructed, coastal infrastructure facilities will be built.
Financing of works is planned to be done at the expense of federal budget (26.57%) and the investor’s own funds (73.43%).
The terminal will be built in the area of ​​the existing berthing facilities of Salmanovskoe (Utrennee) field of NOVATEK. This field, with proven reserves of about 1.98 trillion cubic meters of natural gas and 105 million tons of liquid hydrocarbons, will become the resource base of Arctic LNG-2 project. It provides for the construction of 3 gas liquefaction lines, each of the lines has a capacity of 6.6 million tons per year.
Thus, the capacity of the plant will be about 19.8 million tons per year. The expected launch date of the first line is 2022-2023, the rest – in 2024 and 2025.

Until the end of the construction of Arctic LNG-2 plant in 2022, Utrenniy terminal will receive and store construction cargo, fuel and lubrication materials and equipment for the production of LNG, together with cargo for the construction and operation of Salmanovskoe field.

4. Shipbuilding in the Arctic discussed in Arkhangelsk

On June 20-21, 2019, the second international forum “Shipbuilding in the Arctic” was held in Arkhangelsk on the basis of the Northern Federal University. The aim of the forum was to draw the attention of the professional community to problems of the shipbuilding industry development in Russia, as well as to unite the efforts of government, business and science to solve problems in the context of the development of Arctic region.

During the sessions and round tables, the forum participants discussed the Arctic shipping and the prospects for the development of shipbuilding, possibility of using LNG on ships in the Arctic and special features of the tourist fleet for the Arctic routes.


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