NSR Shipping Traffic – Activities in April 2021

The navigation activity on the NSR in April 2021 remains at about the same level as in April 2020 – 178 voyages in 2020 and 171 in 2021. A slight increase in numbers is due to the active work of icebreakers this spring, but the number of cargo transport voyages has remained practically unchanged (see schedule on the map).

The situation is different when comparing the figures of this year in March and April: the total number of voyages made in March is 165 (among them 126 belong to transport ships), and in April 178 (137 voyages of transport ships). This picture looks very interesting from the point of view that ice conditions from mid-March to April tended to become more and more difficult (see ice conditions March 2021: https://arctic-lio.com/nsr-shipping-traffic-activities-in-march-2021 ).

Almost all ships, even those that traditionally have the route via the Kara Gate (for example, SCF tankers transporting oil products from the Arctic Gate terminal, and ships of Norilsk Nickel company) went to / from the NSR via Cape Zhelaniya. Only 8 voyages were made via the Kara Gate (in the first half of April, which corresponds to ice conditions).

The number of voyages on the main projects and directions remains approximately at the usual level.

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