NSR Shipping Traffic – Activities in April 2022

The level of shipping activity on the NSR in April remained almost the same compared to March. 67 vessels made 206 voyages (there were 207 in March). As before, the main amount belonged to LNG carriers – 50 voyages, 25 of them were for export and 25 were return. The destination countries were Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. 3 ships went to the area of ​​the Murmansk port for transshipment.

A significant share of voyages – 60 – were made by the icebreaker fleet. The main part of the passages was carried out by the nuclear icebreakers Arktika, 50 let Pobedy, Sibir, Vaygach, Taimyr and Yamal – 47. The diesel icebreakers Kapitan Dranitsin and Admiral Makarov also participated in the icebreaking support – 13 passages from one area of ​​the NSR to another.

17 voyages were made from the Arctic Gate terminal.

High activity was observed in the Yenisey Bay. As part of the development of the Vostok Oil project, 14 voyages were made to and from Sever Bay, Tanalau (oil terminal), Tochino (supply base). Also, 16 ships departed from and to the port of Dudinka (ships not belonging to Norilsk Nickel).

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