NSR Shipping Traffic – Activities in August 2021

In August 2021, the trend of an increase in the voyages’ number and the number of ships operating in the water area of the Northern Sea Route in relation to the same period in previous years saved. (see the graph on the map) The largest percentage of these numbers belongs to river-sea transportations. If in July they started closer to the middle of the month, giving this quantitative advantage to such year-round projects as Yamal LNG, the Arctic Gate terminal and Yamal LNG-2 (Salmanovskoe field), then in August these transportations took the first position. Almost half (58 voyages) were made by the fleet of the Lena River Shipping Company. Besides the company’s usual activities related to the transportation of national economic and fuel and energy resources, it took part in the launch of the federal project “Clean Arctic”. The goal of this project is to clean up the Arctic coast from the pollution generated as a result of human economic activity during the development of the Arctic region in the Soviet times. The project participants and volunteers collected more than 300 tons of scrap metal in Tiksi, and on August 27 this scrap was loaded onto the barge of Lena River Shipping Company, which then went along the Lena River to the Yakutsk port. (www.instagram.com) According to the company, as of August 26, the total volume of transported cargo was about 924 thousand tons, among them 624 thousand tons of dry cargo and 299 thousand tons of oil cargo. (www.instagram.com).

Among other voyages going along the Siberian rivers adjacent to the Northern Sea Route, there were voyages of the innovative dry cargo vessel of the U-TYPE project “Kamilla”, that shipped from Turkey to Krasnoyarsk (Russia) and back via the Northern Sea Route.

Dry cargo vessels U-Type for sea and sea-river transportation were designed according to the terms of reference of the MT-Group (Marine Technics) shipping division. In terms of their characteristics and capabilities, U-Type vessels surpass all vessels in their segment.

The vessels of the U-type project are characterized by their energy efficiency and successful technical solutions incorporated in the project. Due to the forward location of the topside, the cargo ship is ideally suited for the transportation of oversize project cargo, and the open hatch notation technology makes it possible to transport with an open hold, which expands the range and dimensions of the transported cargo. The container capacity of the vessel is 2 times more than its analogues – 500 TEU, and fuel consumption is 20% less than competitors. Commercial efficiency of transportation is added by the increased carrying capacity – the deadweight of the vessel at sea is 9330 tons at the full draft of 5.3 m; 5160 tons for a draft of 3.6 m in a river. (paluba.media)

Also, the high shipping activity was observed in the area of the Salmanovskoe field. In the framework of supplying of the Yamal LNG-2 project, 28 vessels operated on 46 voyages. In August, 19 cargo voyages were made to the area: general cargo ships, container ships, bulk carriers and heavy load carriers. As for the port on the opposite shore from the Salmanovskoe field – Sabetta, this port received only 4 voyages with general and bulk cargoes in August.

Research work on the NSR was fully developed in August. 22 research vessels carried out work in the areas of the Baydarata Bay, the Ob Bay, the Yenisey Bay, Severnaya Zemlya, the Dikson port, in the Kara Sea, in the Laptev Sea and in the East Siberian Sea. In total, the research vessels made 37 passages.

As part of the operation of “Arkticheskaya” and “Perro Negro-8” drilling rigs, 6 supply vessels and 1 tanker made 30 voyages, and the drilling ship “Bavenit” went to the operation area – the Laptev Sea – from the port of Murmansk.

With regard to LNG export from the port of Sabetta, there was a decrease in the number of voyages – 32 in August and 43 in July. More than half of the export shipments went eastward – to China, Japan and South Korea (8 shipments out of 14), and 6 vessels went to Europe – to the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and France.

The number of voyages related to the export of crude oil from the Arctic Gate terminal remained at the same level.

There were 17 transit voyages in August made by 17 vessels. 6 transits were between Russian ports, 8 went from west to east and 3 transits – from east to west. For more details, see the table below.

Transits on the NSR in August 2021

Vessel name Departure port Departure date Arrival port Arrival date Av. speed on NSR (knots)
1 Chukotka+ Lavrentiya 20.08.2021 Arkhangelsk 03.09.2021 10.3
2 Svyatoy Pavel Arkhangelsk 12.08.2021 P.-Kamchatskiy 06.09.2021 10.2*
3 Golden Furious Murmansk 12.08.2021 Tianjin 06.09.2021 11.0
4 Tian Zhen Helsinki 17.07.2021 Qingdao 08.09.2021 7.6
5 Tian Qi St. Petersburg 25.07.2021 Qingdao 30.08.2021 9.3
6 Golden Suek Murmansk 30.07.2021 Dalian 27.08.2021 8.5
7 Golden Pearl Hong Kong 23.07.2021 Murmansk 19.08.2021 9.1
8 Pilad P.-Kamchatskiy 01.08.2021 Arkhangelsk 24.08.2021 8.2
9 Thamesborg Murmansk 02.08.2021 Kawasaki 25.08.2021 11.1
10 Golden Enterprise Murmansk 08.08.2021 Dalian 05.09.2021 8.2
11 Audax Grenaa 06.08.2021 Qingdao 22.09.2021 7.4*
12 Simfoniya P.-Kamchatskiy 06.08.2021 Arkhangelsk 26.08.2021 12.3
13 Tian Jian Qinhuangdao 06.08.2021 Gavle 05.09.2021 11.8
14 Da Yu Xia Shanghai 05.08.2021 Swinoujscie 11.09.2021 9.9
15 UHL Fame Aalborg 13.08.2021 Taichung 06.09.2021 13.3
16 Pavel Leonov Murmansk 25.08.2021 Korsakov 15.09.2021 11.1
17 Regina Oldendorff Nakhodka 21.08.2021 Murmansk 14.09.2021 8.4


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