NSR Shipping Traffic – Activities in February 2022

In February 2022, 65 vessels worked at the NSR water area and made in total 170 voyages. LNG carriers made the most of the traffic (44). The geography of shipments was localized in Europe – Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain and England. General cargo vessels, container ships and bulk ships made 46 voyages that means essential scope of work. It is worth noting the return voyages from Pevek, which were late in winter navigation period. For the first time in the Arctic navigation history, the nuclear icebreaker Arktika escorted Inzhener Trubin and Polar King vessels at these dates. The vessels left Pevek on 9, February. From the Ob-Enisey area the convoy of two vessels was assisted by the nuclear icebreaker Yamal. Two days later, the vessels left the NSR water area near the west ice edge of the Kara Sea. The diesel icebreaker Kapitan Dranitsyn took part in this operation too. Inzhener Trubin and Polar King vessels have ice class Arc 5. It is to be noted that the most of the voyages in February were made by ships with ice class Arc 7, that were LNG carriers and tankers for export of oil products from the Arctic Gates terminal. However, dry cargo vessels, that are usually used for project cargo deliveries, have ice classes Arc 4 and Arc 5.

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