NSR Shipping Traffic – Activities in June 2021

Traditionally, June is marked by a decline of navigation activity on the Northern Sea Route before a sharp increase in July with the beginning of the summer navigation period. Nevertheless, June 2021 showed an increase in the shipping activity compared to the same period in previous years (see the graph on the map). An interesting fact is that for the first time in all the time of our observations, there have been changes in the top positions among the main projects on the NSR. The first place is still taken by the export of LNG from Sabetta – the total number of voyages – 41, as a rule, it is followed by the export of oil products from the Arctic Gate terminal, but this month the second place was taken by the shipments associated with the development of the Salmanovskoe field – 36, and only then the export of oil from Mys Kamennyy – 32. Even excluding ballast (return) voyages and voyages of non-cargo ships (icebreakers, SAR), the positions remain unchanged: 21 voyages from Sabetta to other ports, 18 voyages to the Salmanovskoe field and 16 voyages from the Arctic Gate terminal.

4 transportations were made in the eastern direction (LNG export) – 3 to Japan and 1 to China. On average, the tankers passed the NSR from Sabetta to Cape Dezhnev in 8.7 days. Icebreaker assistance was required only once, up to the Boris Vilkitskiy Strait.

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