NSR Shipping Traffic – Activities in November 2021

In November 2021, shipping activity on the NSR continued to grow compared to November last year (see chart on the map). This increase had several reasons. First, the work of icebreakers was more active. For comparison, in November 2020, nuclear icebreakers made 8 passages, while there were 19 in 2021. The similar situation was observed in the work of diesel icebreakers. Secondly, there was an active navigation from and to the port of Pevek. In November 2020, 6 voyages were made on this route, in November 2021 – 12 voyages, and these figures include only transport vessel (icebreakers are excluded). Another reason for this difference in the number of voyages and vessels is the operation of a specialized fleet, which includes research vessels, drilling vessels and rigs, as well as supply vessels that provide these projects. In November 2020, completing the work season, the last 8 voyages were made from the NSR water area to the port of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. In November 2021, some ships still continued to work, and as a result, 21 voyages were in this work field.

It is worth noting another feature of this month in 2021. The number of voyages made by ships of low ice class has noticeably increased, and there were even ships that had no ice class.

As for transit passages, there were 2 of them:

Bulk carrier Kumpula left the port of Rizhao (in China) on October 26 and went to Narvik (Norway), where it arrived on December 11.

The second was the nuclear container ship Sevmorput, which made a voyage from St. Petersburg (departure on November 2) to Nakhodka (arrival on November 24).

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