NSR Shipping Traffic – Activities in October 2021

The shipping activity on the NSR in October 2021 has been high in regard to the same month over the previous years. There were both an increase in figures of voyages number and vessels’ number.

Considering shipping traffic under a project, the export of LNG from Yamal prevailed. In total there were 49 voyages (including return voyages), 23 carriers participated in the shipments. There were made 17 export deliveries to European ports and 7 deliveries to Asian ports.

The research vessels made a considerable amount of work. 24 vessels worked at almost the whole NSR water area – in the Kara, Laptev and East Siberian seas. As part of an international expedition The Arctic Century in the cooperation of Swiss Polar Fund, the information was collected about environment state in the water areas and islands of the Barents, Kara and Laptev seas in conditions of changeable climate (the research vessel «Akademik Tryoshnikov» participated). The vessel Mikhail Somov, as usual, delivered fuels, provisions, aerologic and building materials and other cargo to remote hydrometeorological stations.
Also the team of Arctic explorers was exchanged at the station. Furthermore, there was drilling research in the Ob Bay, Baydarata Bay and Laptev Sea (Rosgeo vessels).

In October the vessels that worked at the river-sea route completed their navigation. After last deliveries were shipped, the vessels went to Yakutsk, Kostroma, Peleduy, Tomsk and other homeports. In total there were 43 passages in October 2021, in November vessels didn’t enter the NSR waters.

The shipping activity of year round projects, besides mentioned Yamal LNG, such as the Arctic Gate terminal, Norilsk Nickel shipping operations and the export of gas condensate from Yamal were at the usual level.

It is worth noting that the dynamic development of Salmanovskoe field (Yamal LNG-2) is under way. In October, 19 vessels delivered general and bulk cargoes, containers and modules for this project from Russia, China and South Korea.

In October 2021 there were 21 transit voyages (for comparison there were 19 in October 2020). See the details about transits in October 2021 below:

Transits on the NSR in October 2021

Vessel name Departure port Departure date Arrival port Arrival date
1 Kumpula Murmansk 28.09.2021 Rizhao 22.10.2021
2 UHL Fierce Aalborg 21.09.2021 Taichung 19.10.2021
3 Azoresborg Lianyungang 22.09.2021 Baie-Comeau 26.10.2021
4 Golden Furious Murmansk 11.10.2021 Lanshan 04.11.2021
5 Tasmanic Winter Ningbo 04.10.2021 Liverpool 01.11.2021
6 Golden Suek Murmansk 18.10.2021 Tianjin 04.12.2021
7 Golden Pearl Lanshan 26.09.2021 Murmansk 19.10.2021
8 Golden Pearl Murmansk 26.10.2021 Rizhao 02.12.2021
9 Parkgracht Nantong 30.09.2021 Swinoujscie 18.11.2021
10 UHL Faith Taicang 10.10.2021 Hamburg 18.11.2021
11 UHL Future Aalborg 11.10.2021 Taichung 05.11.2021
12 UHL Fusion Esbjerg 25.10.2021 Bolshoy Kamen 29.11.2021
13 Nikolay Evgenov Sakai 27.09.2021 Brest 17.10.2021
14 Nordic Nuluujaak Nunavut 10.10.2021 Ningbo 15.12.2021
15 Nordic Qinngua Nunavut 12.10.2021 Huanghua 09.12.2021
16 Aragonborg Nantong 23.09.2021 Rotterdam 23.10.2021
17 Hilke Montrose 06.10.2021 Korsakov 28.10.2021
18 Klara Esbjerg 16.10.2021 Taichung 10.11.2021
19 Admiral Shmidt Nunavut 14.10.2021 Ningbo 27.11.2021
20 Alexander Nevskiy Arkhangelsk 10.10.2021 Ossora 27.10.2021
21 UHL Flash Taicang 08.10.2021 Rotterdam 18.11.2021
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