NSR Shipping Traffic – Export of LNG and Gas Condensate from Sabetta in 2020

In 2020, the number of LNG shipments from the port of Sabetta remained at the same level as in 2019. But the amount of voyages with gas condensate has decreased (see map). Only 2 tankers operated to export gas condensate in 2020, when in 2019 there were 6 tankers. The total number of shipments of both LNG and condensate during the winter navigation period was higher than the summer one. 33 voyages were made in the eastern direction. The earliest voyage was on May 18th (ship “Christophe de Margerie”), and the latest was on December 6th (ship “Nikolay Zubov”), both voyages had icebreaker support. However, Europe remains the main destination for the supply of gas products from Yamal.

The main LNG consignees were Belgium, France, Spain, the Netherlands and China.

Voyages of LNG and Gas Condensate carriers from Sabetta by arrival countries in 2020

Country LNG Gas Condensate
Belgium 62
China 25
Denmark 3 7
France 58
Germany 3
Japan 4
Netherlands 26 8
Norway 10 1
Portugal 6
Russia 2
South Korea 2
Spain 30
Taiwan 4
UK 22 5
Total: 254 24

Yamal LNG, a liquefied natural gas plant in the Arctic port of Sabetta, operated in 2020 with an average load of 114% of the nominal capacity and produced 18.8 million tons of LNG, that NOVATEK reported. LNG shipments from Sabetta amounted to 18.6 million tons for the year. The volume of production and shipments of stable gas condensate amounted to 1 million tons.

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