NSR Shipping Traffic – Export of oil products from Arctic Gate terminal in 2021

In total, in 2021, 401 voyages were made within the operation of the Arctic Gate terminal. This number includes both export and return (ballast) voyages, and the work of the project icebreaker as well. Eight tankers participated in the process of export and made 200 dispatches to the waters of the Murmansk port for further transshipment. It is worth noting, that over the past 3 years, the number of shipments with oil products from the terminal has slightly decreased (see graph on the map). The most active work of the tanker fleet was observed in the winter navigation period. However, there were cases when the tankers had to change their conventional route via the Kara Gate strait and headed to the Cape Zhelaniya that was likely caused by unfavorable ice conditions (those days there were medium and even heavy ice conditions in the Kara Sea). See these routes below:

Almost all transportations were made by vessels of Arc 7 ice class (196), vessels of Arc 4 ice class made 4 voyages from Mys Kamennyy to the port of Murmansk.

Let us remind, two project icebreakers – Andrey Vilkitskiy and Alexander Sannikov – are on duty near the terminal. On the route from Mys Kamennyy to the Kola Bay, the tanker fleet sails without icebreaker support.

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