NSR Shipping Traffic – Sea-River Traffic in 2020

Siberian rivers, adjacent to the Northern Sea Route, play an important role in summer-autumn traffic. Sea-river transportations account for almost 1\6 of all traffic during this navigation period in 2020. Traditionally, such transportations start in July and finish in October, that is connected with the ice class of ships mainly working in these directions. Ice class Ice 1 accounts for more than half of the traffic – 175 voyages, No Ice Class – 45, Ice 2 – 44. The total number of passages from and to Siberian rivers via the NSR is about the same as last year (311 in 2019, 306 in 2020).

Despite the significant number of voyages, the volume of transported goods is not big, this can be judged on the basis of GRT of ships involved in transportation – for most of them this number is not bigger than 5 000 tons (see chart on the map).

The main cargoes are oil products and general cargo, which are supplied within the framework of the Northern Delivery project, aimed at support of the population of the remote settlements.

The highest activity in 2020 was observed in the ports of the Lena River (65 departures and 64 arrivals), Kolyma (59 departures and 60 arrivals) and Yana (45 departures and arrivals each). Less frequent shipping activity was in and out of the Ob, Khatanga, Anabar, Olenek, Indigirka, Yenisey rivers.

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