On November 20, 5 transit vessels left NSR waters

In the eastern part of the Northern Sea Route at 11:00 UTC, the icebreaker Vaygach has finished escorting of 5 transit vessels in the Chukchi Sea (UHL Fusion, Golden Pearl, Golden Suek, Nordic Qinngua и Nordic Nuluujaak) and headed to the port of Pevek. By 5 p.m., on the same date, this group of vessels has entered the Bering Strait close to the Cape Dezhnev and left the Northern Sea Route water area.

According to the information of Atomflot, the icebreaker Vaygach will head to the water area of the Pevek port. A convoy of 3 vessels («RZK Constanta», «Turukhan», «Grigory Shelikhov») will be organized for the further escort in the western direction. The vessels «Kumpula», «Selenga», «Vladimir Rusanov», «Severnyy Proect», «Mekhanik Pustoshnyy» will join the caravan close to the New Siberian Islands.

The diesel icebreaker “Novorossyisk” has finished escorting of the vessel “SMP Severodvinsk” and now is heading westward to Long Strait.

The LNG carrier “Boris Davydov” is on the way to the west without icebreaker assistance in the East Siberian Sea at the speed of 11 knots. Another LNG carrier “Rudolf Samoilovich” (Arc 7 ice class), early in the morning on November 20, has entered the NSR from the east and is heading without icebreaker support to the port of Sabetta.

Around this time at 18:00 UTC on November 20, in the eastern part of the Kara Sea, the icebreaker “Yamal” approached the transit vessel “Vitus Bering”, that until November 5 had been moving eastward without an icebreaker. Then during 2 weeks the tanker was in drift and on November 19 it turned around and followed to the west. The vessel “Yurii Arshenevskiy” (port of destination – Pevek) is in close proximity to these vessels. All 3 vessels have turned around and now are going to the west. Probably, it means that other vessels will not go the port of Pevek this season.

CHNL will continue to provide information on the development of the situation in the eastern part of the NSR.

Details of the vessels:

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