NSR Shipping Traffic – Activities in March 2020

In March 2020, 170 voyages were completed with 55 vessels. The bulk of traffic continues to be the voyages under “Yamal-LNG” project and shipments of oil products from Mys Kamennyy (Arctic Gate terminal). It is also worth noting the continued growth in shipping activity towards Salmanovskoe field (Utrenniy terminal): 15 voyages were made by 8 vessels. Among the general cargo ships that were heading to this port point was nuclear container ship “Sevmorput”. There were more than 25 thousand freight units of various general cargo on the board for the Arctic LNG-2 project. These are products of Russian enterprises: pipes, metal structures, containers and construction equipment. The passage from the port of Arkhangelsk to the Salmanovskoe field took a little less than 5 days. This was the first shipment of supplies for the Arctic LNG-2 project delivered by the nuclear container ship. In the future, several more are planned.

During the month, only 5 types of vessels were involved:

Despite the light and medium ice conditions in the Kara Sea, in March, 6 icebreakers (4 nuclear and 2 diesel) were used to ensure safe navigation in this water area.

*forecast prepared by AARI

The main areas of work: the Kara Sea – the Barents Sea, the Kara Sea – the Ob Bay, the Kara Sea – the Yenisey Bay.

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