Comprehensive plan for the modernization and expansion of trunk infrastructure

The plan was formulated and approved by Russian Government for the period up to year 2024.

It includes 11 federal projects. Nine of them require the development of transport corridors “West-East” and “North-South” for cargo transportation and increasing the level of economic connectivity in Russia by means of expansion and modernization of railway, aviation, road, sea and river infrastructure. For example, there are projects “Sea Ports of Russia”, “Northern Sea Route” and “Inland Water Ways” in transport part of the plan.

According to the decree, in particular, the plan should provide the development of “West-East” and “North-South” transport corridors in 2024, by means including the increase in the capacity of seaports, the development of the NSR and its cargo volume raise to 80 mln t.

The priority of the transport part of the Comprehensive Plan is an innovative transformation of infrastructure construction through the expanded use of advanced technologies and best practices, digitization of transport industry and logistics processes.


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