News review of the events on the NSR
#1 December 2020

1. Workshop on shipping on the Northern Sea Route for foreign companies is scheduled for the summer 2021

We have agreed with the main international companies interested in shipping along the NSR to hold a workshop in the summer of 2021 at the Maritime Operations Headquarters of FSUE Atomflot in order to demonstrate new capabilities in shipping management and services for information and navigation support of ships sailing route. This was stated by Vyacheslav Ruksha, Deputy Director General of Rosatom, Director of NSR Directorate of Rosatom, during a meeting of the State Commission for the Arctic Development, the secretariat of the state commission reports.

As previously reported, the FSUE Atomflot Maritime Operations Headquarters put into operation an automated control system for the 2020 summer-autumn navigation season, which collects and analyzes information about hydrometeorological, navigation and ice conditions in the water area of the Northern Sea Route around the clock. This allows Atomflot to offer users navigational safety, to ensure route optimization with the issuance of individual sailing recommendations. The Maritime Operations Headquarters guarantees that in case of any difficult situation on the NSR, an appropriate operation to bring the vessel to a more favorable conditions will be provided.

Modern information technologies and the experience of Atomflot Maritime Operations Headquarters specialists open up new opportunities for using the Northern Sea Route, making it more accessible and more attractive from a commercial point of view.

Vyacheslav Ruksha noted that this year transit cargo along the NSR reached 1.3 million tons. More than 60 ships passed from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean and back.

In 2020, 11 vessels under the flags of the Russian Federation, Panama, Marshall Islands and Malta used the new service. Vessels of various ice classes went both in the east and west. In real time, navigators were provided with personal navigation recommendations and the most up-to-date information on all navigational hazards on the route of ships in the water area of the Northern Sea Route.


2. Zvezda launches first multipurpose supply vessel

Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex in the Russian Far East has launched its first multipurpose supply vessel. The ship has Icebreaker class and named “Katerina Velikaya”. It is the lead ship in a series of four ordered by Rosneft. Other three vessels in the series are at different stages of construction.

Launching from the shipbuilding ways is the completion of one of the important stages of construction – the finished ship hull is equipped with systems and mechanisms. One of the final operations of the stage was the installation of rudder propellers – a key element of the ship’s electric propulsion system, which ensures its high running and maneuvering qualities. At the next stage, the supplier is waiting for work on checking and adjusting systems and equipment for further preparation for running tests. According to the head of the shipyard Sergey Tseluiko, this vessel is the first of such ice class not only in Russia, but also in the world.

The supply vessel is equipped with two rudder propellers manufactured in the nearby town of Bolshoy Kamen at the facility operated by a joint venture between Rosneft and GE.

The supplier is 106 m LOA, 22 m beam, 5,100 dwt. It can participate in breaking ice and escorting other ships in ice conditions, in rescue operations, fighting fire, rowing large objects. The ship can also carry containers on their main deck.

“This is a unique vessel, despite the fact that it is slightly smaller than the Aframax tanker that we built this year. This vessel is more complex, multifunctional, with a good ice class, which makes it possible to work on the Northern Sea Route, ” he explained.

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3. Rosatom creates unified platform for digital services of the Northern Sea Route

It is not only about the ship management system, but about their construction, using, data processing and other operations, including cargo transportation, said Maxim Kulinko, Deputy director of the Northern Sea Route Directorate of Rosatom State Corporation.

Rosatom has set itself the task of creating and promoting a new platform. They want to transfer the entire document flow into a single-window system.

“Logistic services for the Eurasian and international trade will be carried out in the context of digitalization of the Russian and world economies. With the development of technologies, a large number of opportunities and sources of competitive advantages are formed outside the traditional framework of business, and these opportunities are combined in many new ecosystems,” said Maxim Kulinko.


4. In the port of Sabetta, from January 1, 2021, ice restrictions will be increased

The corresponding instruction is published on the website of the Administration of the Western Arctic Seaports. The document was signed by the acting port captain A. Anisimov.

It is noted that the decision to increase ice restrictions is associated with stable ice formation in the port water area and forecasts of ice thickness for January 2021.

According to the instruction from January 1, 2021, to the water area of Sabetta port and approaches to it:

  • Will not be admitted for sailing vessels without ice reinforcement of the categories Ice 1, Ice 2, Ice 3 and tug-barge convoys;
  • Vessels of Arc 4 ice class can call the port only with the support of an icebreaker;
  • Vessels of Arc 5 and higher are admitted for sailing with the support of an icebreaker or independently.


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