Northern Sea Route by November 25: Nuclear icebreaker Vaygach escorting 7 vessels to the west.

By the mid of November 25, the convoy of 7 vessels (RZK Constanta, Grigoriy Shelikhov, Turukhan, Selenga, Kumpula, Severnyy Proect and Vladimir Rusanov) headed by the nuclear icebreaker Vaygach are on the way just north of Kotelnyy Island. The vessels are going to west, to the Vilkitskiy Strait at speed of about 10 knots. This means that 4 ships (Selenga, Kumpula, Severnyy Proect and Vladimir Rusanov) waiting icebreaker assistance north of New Siberian Islands, joined the caravan that had left the port of Pevek few days ago. The group of vessels formed into one caravan at about 6 a.m. on November 25. In the first 6 hours, about 50 nautical miles were covered.

At this time, in the Chukchi Sea, the diesel icebreaker Novorossiysk continues escorting the vessel Radik Bashirov from Pevek. The vessels have passed the Long Strait and are approaching to the eastern border of the NSR. Thus, 2 vessels remain in the port of Pevek – FESCO Paris and Georgy Sedov.

The LNG carrier Rudolf Samoilovich that is on the way to Sabetta, has helped the research vessel Mikhail Somov to start moving westward in the western part of the Vilkitsky Strait. At the moment, both vessels are moving together in the Kara Sea at the speed of 10 knots. A day earlier, on November 24, at about 11 a.m., Rudolf Samoilovich has also approached the vessel Mekhanik Pustoshnyy, but so far this ship remains drifting in the Laptev Sea.

The LNG carrier Boris Davydov has already entered the Ob Bay and is heading to the port of Sabetta. Another LNG carrier Boris Vilkitskiy entered the NSR from the east on November 24. At the moment, the vessel is on the way to Sabetta close to the water area of the Pevek port.

Details of the vessels:

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