NOVATEK plans port infrastructure in Arctic together with “Arctic-LNG 2” implementation

Sabetta port is the cargo base for Russian LNG projects in the Arctic. Its capacity is expected to be large: to transship 17,2 mln t of cargo per year at one terminal and 19,8 mln t at the other, which is going to be constructed. Finally, cargo traffic of the port will amount 37-mln t, that will trigger significant vessel traffic and logistics development all across the Northern Sea Route. Maksim Minin, the Head of LNG Projects Port Facilities Engineering Department of NOVATEK, reported what Company made for providing of LNG logistics in the Arctic.


Today, the main job of NOVATEK in Sabetta is the construction of the second terminal which is named “Utrenniy”. It will consist of federal and NOVATEK ownership objects (the three-kilometer-long berth quay, administrative area, the existing berth and protective structures). There are large-scale simulations of vessel behavior at different hydro meteorological conditions, identification of threats and necessity of protection in the Krylov Center in Saint-Petersburg. The length of the protective perimeter can be more than 3 km. The construction of protective structures and dredging of bypass canal water will be conducted at the expense of the federal budget.

Now the objects of preparatory period are under the environmental impact assessment, first of all among the objects are constructions necessary for large-sized vessel calls. It is planned to complete the examination at year-end and to start constructing in the beginning of year 2019. Commissioning of the terminal “Untrenniy” is scheduled for 2023-2025. The first line should be started in 2023, the second one – in 2024 and the third one – in 2025.

In order to provide announced cargo traffic – 37 mln t per year – it is necessary to support around 550 ship calls on the condition that the capacity of each vessel should be at least 170 000 cubic meters. The high ice class is also obvious. Such vessels are quite expensive and they are needed in large quantities.


In order to ensure the cargo traffic on schedule the company plans to construct transshipment hubs on the Kola Peninsula and in Kamchatka, these points are situated at the borders of areas with possible difficult ice conditions. The transshipment hubs will consist of gas storages and infrastructure.

The development of floating gas storage with the capacity of 360 000 cubic meters decided to be the most cost efficient. The volume was calculated on basis of two commercial batches. The construction of the storage will allow simultaneously to load one vessel and unload another. Each hub will have 2 such storages in order to avoid any interruptions in shipment. Regarding Kola Peninsula: the hub will be located in non-freezing Ura Bay not far from Vidyaevo town. Both floating LNG complexes will be located at certain depths, so that they are protected from the waves. There will be also some coast infrastructure objects that provides work of the complex. The bay will be provided with navigation equipment (atomized radio posts, masts, beacons, etc.)

Besides that, NOVATEK needs supply bases in Murmansk in order to support ship transposition and work of transshipment complex. The company is going to study all the proposals from government and business.

There is not much time to resolve these issues. The LNG plant construction in Sabetta has been finished more than half. Two lines have already been launched, it is planned to launch the third and fourth lines in 2019. Thus, next year equipping of Yuzhno-Tambeyskoye field and arrangement of liquefying and shipment of the entire planned volume of gas will be finished. First transshipment hubs in Murmansk and Kamchatka are planned to be built in 2022 and the second ones in 2023.


Together with finishing of Sabetta port construction, NOVATEK plans to equip the area of “Arctic LNG 2” plant. The area radius is about 60 km. It is planned to build a unique gas liquefaction plant inside the area, the structures for this plant will be built at its own shipyard “Center for the construction of large-tonnage facilities”. The structures are called gravity-base substructures with topside facilities, these are self-contained gas liquefaction lines. It is expected to build 3 such lines, other will be also constructed for further projects.

The building of an internal terminal, possibly even an airport, is considering as a part of “Arctic LNG 2”. Today helicopters are landing there, and tomorrow there may be airplanes.

Source: Based on the report “Development of port infrastructure for providing of LNG logistics for NOVATEK in the Arctic”, Minin M.V. At the international forum “Arctic projects – today and tomorrow” in Arkhangelsk, October 2018

Photo by Association of oil and gas suppliers SOZVEZDYE

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