NSR Shipping Traffic – Activities in December 2021

In December the shipping activity on the NSR almost passed to the winter navigation period. An exception was a transit voyage that was not typical for that period. Pugnax, heavy-load vessel of Arc 7 ice class, left China on November 6 and arrived to the port of Murmansk on January 10. The voyage was made with support of the nuclear-powered icebreaker Yamal. There were modules on the board for the building of LNG plants at Salmanovskoe field (Yamal LNG-2).

In December 2021, there was more intensive work of icebreaking fleet in comparison with December 2020. In December 2021, 9 icebreakers (including 4 diesel icebreakers) made in total 33 passages. For comparison there were 19 such passages with involving of 7 icebreakers (including 3 diesel icebreakers) in December 2020. Besides the escort of transit voyage the main work areas were on the approaches to the Ob Bay and Yenisey Bay and the routes in the Kara Sea.

As for the other traffic it was the typical navigation pattern for December. As part of Yamal LNG project there were 25 shipments, one of them went to Japan and 24 others were related to European market. There were 17 deliveries with oil products from Arctic Gate terminal to Murmansk for transshipment. Only one vessel with gas condensate left Sabetta (port of destination – Kaludborg). See the data on other projects on the map. The number of voyages in the diagram includes return voyages.

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