NSR Shipping Traffic – Activities in June 2020

In June 2020, 122 voyages were made, 53 vessels were operated on the NSR. Tankers transporting oil products from the terminal at Mys Kamennyy in the Ob Bay, as well as LNG carriers, are most active, as during the entire winter navigation period. It is worth noting that LNG tankers have already began transportations in May not only to European ports, but also to the ports of the Asia-Pacific region. In June of this year, “Georgiy Ushakov” went to South Korea, “Vladimir Rusanov” – to Japan, and “Georgiy Brusilov” – to China. On average, the vessels crossed the area of the Northern Sea Route from the port of Sabetta to Cape Dezhnev in 7.4 days.

This month the specialists of the research vessel “Geolog Dmitriy Nalivkin” have already gone to the work area, the vessel passed the Kara Gate Strait on June 30 and started work in the Kara Sea.

Comparing the activity of various types of vessels this month in 2018, 2019 and 2020, it can be seen the significant increase in the number of voyages made with general cargo vessels. The transportations of general cargo in June increased almost 3 times compared to last year.

Among the ice classes, the most active are Arc 7 vessels – 81 voyages, followed by Arc 4 – 18 voyages and Arc 5 – 16 voyages.

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