NSR Shipping Traffic – Activities in October 2020

In October, there is a decrease in the shipping activity on the NSR. Although the number of voyages and ships involved in the work is large compared to October 2019 or 2018, nevertheless, relative to September, it is clear that the summer navigation period is ending. This is especially noticeable due to the reduction in the number of passages between ports within the NSR: if in September there were 207 such voyages, then in October only 79. The number of voyages from the ports of the NSR to other ports outside the water area also noticeably increased. In most cases, this is due to the fact that vessels with ice class below Arc 4 leave the waters of the Northern Sea Route in accordance with their permits issued by the Administration.

Excluding such traditionally active ports of the NSR as Sabetta, Mys Kamennyy, Dudinka, there were many voyages to Pevek in October (16 arrivals), which is also quite typical for the summer season as a whole, and unusually many (14 arrivals) to Kharasavey. These are mainly ships with general cargo and tugs. All this activity is connected with the development of the Kharasaveyskoye gas condensate field.

Kharasaveyskoye is the second, after Bovanenkovskoye, a key field in the Yamal gas production center created by Gazprom. The field is mainly onshore, partly in the Kara Sea. In terms of gas reserves – about 2 trillion cubic meters – it belongs to the category of unique. Gas production at the Kharasaveyskoye field will begin in 2023, the project level of production from the Cenomanian-Aptian deposits is 32 billion cubic meters of gas per year. The development project of the Kharasaveyskoye field is planned for 108 years – gas will be produced until 2131. The Cenomanian-Aptian deposits are the primary development target. Provision is made for the construction of production gas wells, a complex gas treatment unit, a booster compressor station, transport and energy infrastructure. Horizontal wells for offshore development will be drilled from the shore. (Source: https://www.gazprom.ru/)

The number of transits remained a large figure – 19 voyages in October. It is noteworthy that almost a third of the total is belonged to transits from Canada to China and South Korea (5 bulk carriers from Nunavut and 1 tanker from Montreal). Only two transits went from European ports (both from Denmark), and in the opposite direction – from China, South Korea and Vietnam to Europe – 4 transits. The rest of the transit departed from Russian ports and one began high in the Arctic (the voyage of icebreaker “50 let Pobedy”). “UHL Frontier” vessel was the fastest to overcome the NSR – in 6.2 days, the longest was – the ship “Callisto” – 13.8 days.

Transits on the NSR in October 2020

Vessel name Departure port Departure date Arrival port Arrival date Av. speed on NSR (knots)
1 Golden Strength Nakhodka 26.09.2020 Murmansk 16.10.2020 13.0
2 Tian You Lianyungang 25.09.2020 Emden 19.10.2020 13.7
3 50 let Pobedy Arctic Ocean 20.10.2020 Murmansk 29.10.2020 9.1
4 Yaroslav Mudryy Arkhangelsk 12.10.2020 Telichiki 28.10.2020 10.8
5 UHL Falcon Nantong 25.09.2020 Rotterdam 23.10.2020 13.5
6 Golden Strength Murmansk 21.10.2020 Tianjin 17.11.2020 12.7
7 Tian Hui Skagen 02.10.2020 Qingdao 28.10.2020 11.8
8 UHL Frontier Aalborg 12.10.2020 Taichung 06.11.2020 14.6
9 Sarmat P.-Kamchatskiy 08.10.2020 Varandey 27.10.2020 9.1
10 Danzigergracht Busan 29.09.2020 Gavle 23.10.2020 15.0
11 Nordic Odin Nunavut 29.09.2020 Lanshan 04.11.2020 8.9
13 Vitus Bering Nunavut 30.09.2020 Zhanjiang 04.11.2020 11.8
13 Nordic Oshima Nunavut 27.09.2020 Ningbo 05.11.2020 9.3
14 UHL Focus Phu My 11.10.2020 Aagotnes 12.11.2020 12.8
15 Olimpiyskiy Prospect Nakhodka 19.10.2020 Murmansk 09.11.2020 11.2
16 Admiral Shmidt Nunavut 08.10.2020 Ningbo 14.11.2020 13.6
17 Golden Pearl Murmansk 27.10.2020 Caofeidian 20.11.2020 12.3
18 Callisto Montreal 17.09.2020 Busan 03.11.2020 7.8
19 Nordic Olympic Nunavut 10.10.2020 Pyeongtaek 15.11.2020 11.3



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