NSR Shipping Traffic – Activities in Sabetta in 2019

The port of Sabetta has significantly expanded its borders since its foundation. Now the port of Sabetta includes a sea terminal at Mys Kamennyy and “Utrenniy” terminal (Salmanovskoye field). In total, in 2019 the number of calls to the port of Sabetta amounted to 55% of the total shipping traffic on the NSR – 1485 voyages out of 2694. The largest number of voyages was made to the main area of Sabetta port – 831, to Mys Kamennyy – 528, and to the still developing terminal “Utrenniy” – 126.

The main shipping traffic of the port was LNG transportation and transportation of oil products. Also, gas condensate was exported from Sabetta. Besides the export, general cargo vessels, container ships and bulk carriers arrived to the port, they ensured the port’s vital activities and the arrangement of its new areas. Nuclear icebreakers operated at the approach to the Ob Bay, as well as in the water area itself, they ensured the safety of passage through the channel. Two diesel icebreakers “Andrey Vilkitskiy” and “Alexander Sannikov” were working at the approach to Mys Kamennyy. In addition, in the summer, specialized vessels worked in the port area, which were engaged in dredging, and supply vessels provided their work.

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