NSR Shipping Traffic – Activities in the East in 2019

Activities in the eastern part of the NSR started with the beginning of summer navigation period even the ice conditions continued to be heavy in some locations.

  • The first voyage to the Chukchi Sea was on 7, July 2019: vessel “Igor Ilyinskiy”, ice class Arc 5
  • The first voyage to the East Siberian Sea was on 24, July 2019: vessel “Zaliv Kresta”, ice class Arc 4
  • The first voyage to the Laptev Sea was on 22, July 2019: vessel “Zaliv Kresta”, ice class Arc 4

Sea ice total concentration in the middle of July 2019:

Total 98 various vessels of almost all ice classes worked in the eastern part of the Northern Sea Route, together they made 557 voyages (of total 2694):

Ice class Voyages
No 54
Ice 1 172
Ice 2 55
Ice 3 4
Arc 4 161
Arc 5 71
Arc 7 9
Icebreaker 6 6
Icebreaker 7 6
Icebreaker 8 14
Icebreaker 9 5
Total 557

More than half of the voyages were made by tankers and general cargo vessels (see map).

Shipping in the east of the NSR is always connected with ports and port points located in the rivers adjacent to the NSR. 120 voyages went to the rivers Anabar, Kolyma, Lena, Indigirka and Yana.

The most popular ports of departure were Pevek (104 voyages), Zelenyy Mys (51), Khatanga Bay (38), Tiksi (34), Bykov Mys (32). The biggest amount of arrivals had Pevek (100), Zelenyy Mys (51), Bykov Mys (33), Tiksi (33), Khatanga Bay (32), Nizhneyansk (27).

Active shipping in the east ended in November with the end of the summer navigation period. However, the last ships left the port of Pevek, located in the East Siberian Sea, already in December: the vessel “Arctic-1” left Pevek on November 30 and crossed the western border of the NSR – Cape Zhelaniya – on December, 7; and vessel “Novorossiysk” left Pevek on December, 3 and headed east, crossing the eastern border of the NSR – Cape Dezhnev – on December, 6.


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