NSR Shipping Traffic – Dredging and drilling 2019

In the spring of 2019, the Russian Government decided on a customer and a contractor for dredging in approach to “Utrenniy” terminal in the Yamal port of Sabetta. The vessels began work at the beginning of August. On July 28-31, dredgers and hoppers arrived in the work area – at the port of Sabetta (the water area belongs to Vostochno-Tambeiskiy licensed area, see map). The customer of dredging at the port of Sabetta was the state corporation “Rosatom”. The contractor without tendering became the Russian “daughter” of the Belgian group DEME – LLC “Mordraga”. This is a Russian company that performs a full cycle of dredging, alluvial and hydro engineering works in ports and on the high seas when laying underwater pipelines and installing offshore structures, including platforms. The decision to choose a contractor without tendering was most likely due to the short working season in Yamal due to climatic conditions. Dredging included the creation of an approach channel and the formation of an area for the construction of terminal facilities. In total, about 500 thousand cubic meters of soil was picked up and transported to the dump site at the fairways in the port area. The area of dredging sites according to the work plan was more than 4 square kilometers.

Among other specialized vessels operating on the NSR in 2019 were drilling vessels. Geological engineering studies were carried out by “Bavenit” and “Kimberlit” vessels owned by OJSC “Arctic Marine Engineering and Geological Expeditions” (AMIGE). “AMIGE” is a company that makes comprehensive study of the shelf, adjacent land and islands in the Russian Arctic, as well as in other seas of Russia and foreign countries. The AMIGE fleet includes modern specialized vessels for geotechnical drilling, geotechnical work and geophysical exploration, as well as drilling rigs for works in shallow water areas. At the request of “Gazprom Geologorazvedka” (geological exploration), “Kimberlit” and “Bavenit” vessels carried out drilling operations at “Skuratovskiy” license area. As well “Bavenit” performed works at “Vostochno-Prinovozemelskiy” and “Severo-Karskiy” licensed areas commissioned by “Rosneft”.


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