NSR Shipping Traffic – Icebreaker support in 2019

In 2019, as always, icebreakers worked all year round. A total of 17 icebreakers were used for the assistance; in total, they made 231 voyages or change of location: most of them (156) in the winter navigation period, the rest (75) in the summer period. Nuclear icebreakers did the most work. Like last year, 3 river icebreakers – “Kaptain Babichev”, “Kaptain Borodkin” and “Kaptain Evdokimov” paved the way in Siberian rivers and at the approaches to them. The new generation icebreakers “Andrey Vilkitskiy” and “Alexander Sannikov”, commissioned by Gazprom Neft, began working in the Arctic in 2019. Their main work was on approaches to the Arctic Gate terminal. These are the youngest icebreakers operating in 2019, and the oldest was “Tor” icebreaker (built in 1964).

Vessel name Year of construction Age

(by 2019)

Kapitan Babichev 1983 36
Kapitan Borodkin 1994 25
Kapitan Evdokimov 1983 36
Dikson 1983 36
Dudinka 1970 49
Kapitan Khlebnikov 1981 39
Krasin 1976 43
Tor 1964 55
Moskva 2008 11
Novorossiysk 2016 3
Kigoriak 1979 33
Andrey Vilkitskiy 2018 1
Alexander Sannikov 2018 1
50 let Pobedy 2007 12
Taimyr 1989 30
Vaygach 1990 29
Yamal 1992 27

The icebreaker tracks on the map reflect well the navigation on the Northern Sea Route: the main activity in winter (December-June) is voyages to the Kara Sea, the Yenisey Bay, the Ob Bay. With the onset of the summer navigation period (July-November), shipping activity spreads over the entire NSR.


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