NSR Shipping Traffic – Sea-River Traffic in 2021

Sea-river navigation via the Northern Sea Route in 2021 started on July 6 and finished on October 28. More often than other river ports were involved Zelenyy Mys – 94 voyages, Nizhneyansk – 57, there was also high activity in the Yana bar – 47 vessels arrived\ left this water area. Most of the shipments were made with general cargo vessels and tankers – 133 and 111 voyages respectively. Also in that navigation river icebreakers participated – 25 voyages and tugs – 11 voyages. In total, in 2021, 280 voyages were done within sea-river navigation, it was less than previous years. The total number of passages from and to Siberian rivers via the NSR was 311 in 2019 and 306 in 2020. More than half of the voyages (162) were done by the ships of Lena River Shipping Company. This year, navigation took place not only in difficult hydrometeorological conditions connected with limited visibility as a result of forest fires, low water levels in rivers, but also in the absence of a clear organization of presenting cargo for transportation on the part of the main cargo owners. Difficulties during navigation also arose due to instable work of the port Zelenyy Mys. Despite all the issues, the shipping company took all possible measures to fulfill its contractual obligations. According to the company’s data, 1 550 thousand tons of consumer goods were sent in 2021, which amounted to 101% of the planned volume. Including sent: dry cargo – 1 106 thousand tons, oil products – 444 thousand tons. Plan for the Northern Delivery project was also exceeded. lorp.ru

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