NSR Shipping Traffic – Sever Bay oil terminal and Syradasayskoe coal field

By order of the Russian Government of January 22, 2021, the area of the Dikson port was expanded. This decision was connected with the development of new projects in the area: the oil terminal “Sever Bay” on the basis of the Paiyakhskaya group of fields and the coal terminal “Yenisey” on the basis of the Syradasayskoe coal field.

The Sever Bay terminal is designed for transshipment and further transporting oil from the Payakhskaya group of fields along the Northern Sea Route to the ports of Russia, Europe and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

The terminal is going to be constructed in three stages. At the first one, the berths for a port fleet and unloading of construction cargo will be built. At the second stage, technological berths and terminal facilities will be constructed in order to ship 26.1 million tons of oil per year. Also, at this stage, the washing area and the oil booms maintenance site will be built as well as an open storage site for containers with equipment, a technological pipeline. At the third stage, the port water area will be equipped, navigational aids will be installed.

During 2021 CHNL Information Office registered 23 voyages with destination to this area from Arkhangelsk, Murmansk and Vladivostok (general cargo vessels, container ships, bulk carriers).

In 2021, the site filling of the temporary berth was completed. That will ensure the quick calls of vessels with priority cargo for the permanent construction of oil terminal facilities. The shore protection of the berth’s technological site was started. The first stage of dredging the bottom along the cargo berth No. 1 was completed. The sites filling for the arrangement of a residential camp for 900 people and for a base of fuels and lubricants, as well as a land plot and an approach dam to cargo berth No. 3, were carried out. Vessels with piles, rolled metal, mobile housing units and block modules were also accepted.

Since May 2021, more than 145 thousand tons of various cargoes have been delivered from Arkhangelsk along the Northern Sea Route, including crushed stone, sand, pipe products, metal structures, construction equipment, mobile housing unit. www.ttelegraf.ru

As for the “Yenisey” terminal, in 2021 work to fill the dam was carried out. This construction, with a length of more than 1.5 km, will connect the coastal zone and a cargo berth for coal loading. The construction of the first stage of the highway from the Yenisey terminal to the future processing plant and coal mine is nearing completion. Putting the road into operation will ensure the delivery of materials and equipment necessary for the construction of the processing plant.

Let us remind, within the framework of the project it is planned to build a processing plant for deep processing of coal (production of coal concentrates from coking coal), a sea terminal, an airport, a rotational camp, an electric power plant, and a highway. The Syradasayskoye coal field is located 105-120 km southeast of Dikson in Taimyr, the deposit’s resources are estimated at more than 5 billion tons.  morvesti.ru

According to our data, in 2021, 4 general cargo vessels and 2 tankers came to the water area of the constructing terminal.

In total, in the framework of these two projects, 66 voyages (including return voyages) were made, 27 vessels were involved in these transportations.

Shipping activities for Sever Bay and Syradasayskoe coal field in 2021
Vessel type Voyages
Bulk 6
Container 1
Fishing 2
General cargo 37
Research 4
Supply 2
Tanker 7
Tug 7
Total 66

The highest shipping activity was observed from August to October (see chart on the map)

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