NSR Shipping Traffic: Start of summer navigaton period. Activities in July 2019.

The map shows the start of summer navigation period – activities in July, 2019. Grey tracks demonstrate voyages that go to the NSR waters crossing the west NSR border. Most of them are voyages that typical for year round navigation. Red tracks are voyages that come from the east – ships go to the NSR crossing its eastern border. Such traffic is regular only in summer navigation period. Another differentiating feature of summer period is traffic in river system: ships go from one river port to another via arctic sea(s). These tracks have green color on the map.

As in 2018, the first transits start in July. There were 2 of them this month in 2019 (violet tracks on the map). Voyages from one seaport to another within the eastern part of the NSR are marked on the map in blue. It is also worth noting that voyages of vessels that have ice class Ice 1, Ice 2, Ice 3 or even do not have ice class already appear in July, while in June the ice class of ships was at least Arc 4.

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