NSR Shipping Traffic – Traffic along Chukotki coast in 2021

In summer-autumn navigation period from July to October 2021, there were shipments into locations on the coast of the Chukchi Peninsula. Among the destination port points were Uelen, Inchoun, Leningradskiy, Billings, Mys Shmidta, Enurmino, Neshkan, Vankarem, Nutepelmen. In total there were made 42 voyages in these directions by 8 vessels of several types – general cargo vessels, tankers and bulk carriers. Besides them, 3 fishing vessels carried out works in the Chukchi Sea.

The cargo types were various as coal, diesel, foodstuffs. There were also delivered cargoes for investment projects such as equipment, construction materials and module constructions.

It is worth noting that the Chukchi Autonomous District doesn’t have railway and highroad services with inlands of the Russian Federation. The provisions is delivered to the peninsula by air and sea routes. The main total of output is transported to the Chukchi coast in summer because in winter the delivery of cargo is complicated by the weather conditions.

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