Rosatomflot placed an order for development of the unified platform for digital services on NSR

Atomflot has placed a contract to develop a Unified Platform for Digital Services of the Northern Sea Route. The contractor is the joint-stock company Greenatom.

“Digitalization of the Northern Sea Route is a key step in preparing for transition to year-round navigation in the waters of the Northern Sea Route,” Leonid Irlitsa, First Deputy Director General – Shipping Director at Atomflot, said.  “This platform will make shipping in the Arctic safer, more predictable and more attractive. A product of such kind does not exist yet, and not only in Russia, but also abroad.”

The platform implementation provides for introduction of various digital services. They will create a unique opportunity to synchronize logistics operations and fleet dispatching. The system will allow serving up to 1,500 unique users who will get access to digital services of various functional purposes. They will be provided with latest updates on navigational, hydrometeorological, ice and environmental situation in the waters of the Northern Sea Route.

Establishment of the platform is one of the elements of the Unified Action Plan for implementation of the Fundamentals of the State Policy of the Russian Federation in the Arctic for the period to 2035 and the Strategy for Development of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation and provision of national safety for the period to 2035. The State Corporation Rosatom has been appointed by the Government of the Russian Federation as the responsible party for this task.

According to the terms of the contract, the platform development shall be completed in the first quarter of 2024.

The Unified Platform for Digital Services of NSR will become a central element of the digital ecosystem of the Northern Sea Route. The NSR digital ecosystem is being developed as part of the initiative for the social and economic development of the Russian Federation till 2030 “Year-round Northern Sea Route”, approved by Order No. 2816-r of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 06.10.2021.

“The start of development of the Unified Digital Services Platform will be a significant step towards the digital transformation of the Russian Arctic by using modern Russian IT solutions. The platform will control many parameters that determine vessel logistics, and should provide high availability of digital services and their stable operation around the clock. The Northern Sea Route has a huge potential, which has not yet been unlocked in full. Therefore, over the next three years, Rosatom and its organizations will turn NSR into one of the most convenient and safe transport routes equipped with advanced digital services,” Evgeny Abakumov, Rosatom’s IT Director, said

Source and photo: Atomflot’s Communications Department


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