The situation in the NSR by 23 November

On November 23, at the beginning of day, 3 vessels remain in the port of Pevek – FESCO Paris, Georgiy Sedov and Radik Bashirov. The diesel icebreaker Novorossyisk passed the Long Strait and approached the Pevek port to take the vessel Radik Bashirov under escorting eastward.

The day before, the nuclear icebreaker Vaygach started escorting of 3 other vessels (RZK Constanta, Grigoriy Shelikhov, Turukhan) from Pevek to the west direction. At the moment of preparing the report, the vessels were 250 miles northwest of Pevek and moving at a speed of 9 knots.

Selenga, Kumpula, Severniy Proekt and Vladimir Rusanov are still drifting north of the Novosibirsk Islands. As previously reported by Atomflot, they will join the convoy of vessels led by the Vaygach icebreaker. The distance between the groups of ships is about 370 nautical miles.

Two LNG carriers Boris Davydov (in the Laptev Sea) and Rudolf Samoilovich (in the East Siberian Sea) continue their voyages to the port of Sabetta without icebreaker support. At the time of the report, their speed was 16-18 knots.

The vessel Mechanic Pustoshnyy is drifting in the Laptev Sea, as well as the vessel Mikhail Somov in the western part of the Vilkitskiy Strait.

In the western part of the NSR, on the afternoon of November 22, the Yamal icebreaker finished the escorting of the ships Yurii Arshenevskiy and Vitus Bering at Cape Zhelaniya.

CHNL will continue to provide information on the development of the situation in the eastern part of the NSR.

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