Ministry of Transport plans to optimize admission criteria for the NSR

Ministry of Transport plans to facilitate the permission for the passage along the NSR for vessels with weak ice class.

According to the data of Federal Portal of Projects of Regulatory Legal Acts, in order to facilitate the rule, it is planned to amend the Navigation Rules in the Northern Sea Route waters approved by order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation of January 17, 2013 No. 7.

There is a categorization of ice conditions set for seven major areas of the NSR in the current rules. Different ice conditions can form in a large area: from high ice concentration to ice free water. The averaged evaluation of ice conditions in a large area does not allow to permit vessels to that regions of the large area, where light ice conditions are formed (low ice concertation, ice free water). Non-admittance of vessels with weak ice class to areas with favorable ice conditions entails an increase of the time of cargo delivery by river-sea type vessels, it cuts the time for geological exploration on the NSR shelf, and breaks the rhythmicity of transport vessels operations in the NSR seaports with year-round navigation (Sabetta port). Amendments will extend the navigation period in the NSR waters for vessels with weak ice class and enhance efficiency of icebreakers choosing the areas with difficult ice conditions and provide regular navigation in the regions with favorable ice conditions.


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