NSR Shipping Traffic – Activities in April 2020

In April 2020, 56 vessels operated on the NSR, which made a total of 171 voyages in this month. For comparison: in the same month of 2019, 47 vessels worked and 155 voyages were completed. The main cargoes forming the NSR freight flow this month remained LNG from Sabetta (46 voyages) and oil products of “Arctic Gate” terminal (41 voyages). There are 31 voyages by general cargo vessels, 1 container ship (“Sevmorput” nuclear container vessel) and 6 repositions by diesel icebreakers among the other transportations indicated on the diagram on the map.

In addition, compared with April 2019, the list of European ports accepting cargo from the Northern Sea Route (in particular LNG) has expanded. If earlier it was only 4 ports, among which the bulk of cargo was accepted by Honningsvag (17 vessels), then in 2020, even taking into account the resumption of transshipment in Honningsvag this month, there were 8 ports (Honningsvag accepted 5 vessels).

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